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Most businesses will not be back in the office until the middle of 2021, and already surveys show that at least a full quarter of the workforce has no intention of returning to the office. There’s no going back: business practices established across two centuries will be rethought, redesigned and re-deployed.

In this live session, you’ll hear from Mark Pesce, American-Australian author, researcher, engineer, futurist and teacher, and our panel of experts on:
  • How hybrid workplaces will shape the workforce
  • Managing and supporting employees throughout the continuation of remote work
  • Strategies and policies that embrace flexible working options
  • And more!
Hosted by:
Mark Pesce
American-Australian author, researcher, engineer, futurist and teacher

Lindsay Brown
Vice President, Asia Pacific
Richard McBride
Editor, CFO Magazine A/NZ & Producer, CFO Series
Stephen Fenech
Event Moderator
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