Join Chris Savio, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Bold360 at LogMeIn, in this webinar to learn how businesses can successfully dissect these challenges and identify where AI can deliver value, and learn more about how Bold360 is increasing its product offerings to tackle these various points in the customer journey. We will discuss:

  • Trends driving the need for AI at different steps in the customer journey
  • How to identify where AI can have the most value initially for your business
  • How is AI already having an impact across different use cases

Ryan Lester
Director of Customer Engagement
Technologies, Bold360

Micah Solomon
President and CEO, Four Aces Inc

Today businesses are struggling to live up to growing customer expectations. For some, there are challenges at a single point in the journey - such as product consideration or agent enablement, and for others, challenges span multiple points in the customer lifecycle.

At the same time, Artificial intelligence has started to influence every aspect of customer experience, from consideration to purchase to ongoing support, not to mention the work that happens behind the scenes. So it's only natural that businesses should be capitalizing on this AI to address the challenges head-on.

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