We will cover:

  • How customer expectations are changing the role of support teams
  • Gaps in how support teams are being equipped
  • Customer frustration impacts on agent satisfaction
  • Trends and perceptions on agent facing AI implementations

Ken Landoline
Principal Analyst,
Ovum Research

Chris Savio
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bold360 by LogMeIn

Businesses are rapidly evolving their customer engagement approaches to meet the growing demands of customers by introducing new channels and new user-technologies. However, while businesses frequently enhance their customer-facing tools, the technology support teams they are armed with aren’t being invested in at nearly the same pace. As a result, employees on the front-lines - the face of the organization – are starting to feel the pain and leaders should start to take notice.

Bold360 joined forces with Ovum Research to conduct a dual global survey of 341 customer experience managers and 482 customer-facing employees working in both physical locations and call centers from organizations of all sizes across multiple industries. Register for this webinar and be one of the first to hear us share the results.