Storytelling has always been a great way to engage an audience. However, webinars have always come with a choice: Do you maintain a personal face-to-face connection, or screen-share your graphics and text? Now you can use video to get the best of both worlds!

Join communication expert Spencer Waldron to learn:
  • How to get your audience to pay attention to your content
  • How to engage people by emotionally connecting to them using story
  • The three types of webinars that build rapport and deliver results
  • How using Prezi Video with GoToWebinar makes storytelling easier than ever before
About the Speaker

Spencer Waldron
Director of Global Communications, Prezi

Spencer knows that being a great communicator is one of the most underrated skills and one that businesses don’t often offer training in. Spencer speaks at conferences and companies around the country to help people be more confident and successful with business communications.

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