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Join us to explore the best problem-solving practices in online meetings. Learn how brain-writing is the new brainstorming, and discover which method helps you get to the root of a problem.

Communication expert Nina-Nike Velander's tips will help you excel in future online-decision meetings by working smart, not working hard. Whether you’re new to online meetings or simply upping your meeting game, these insider tips will highlight and activate your problem-solving abilities. Learn how to lead your team to newer, brighter ideas while collaborating from anywhere.

Join the webinar and learn:
  • How to plan your creative meetings by involving everyone
  • How to find the root of a problem and become a real problem solver
  • How to define the right framework and criteria to find the best solution
  • How to boost the creativity of your team using brain-writing
  • How to integrate these methods into meetings with many participants
About the Speaker:
Nina-Nike Velander

Nina-Nike Velander
Communications Expert

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