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  • How to reframe cybersecurity as an opportunity for strategic business
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  • Key security challenges and implications for the future of business

Today, leaders in IT Security are realising that a person's identity is becoming a critical asset that needs to be protected to avoid data breaches, lawsuits, and loss of business. In addition, the increased number of devices, networks and access points used to gain entry to corporate information is on the rise.

During this webinar, Simon Piff, VP of Security Practice at IDC Asia Pacific, takes a closer look at the commercial value and issues around Identity and Access Management and provide insight into how this seemingly innocuous part of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy is the catalyst that will enable the business to grow securely, add value across the business and also bring security back to the decision making table. The insights shared in this webinar are based on the findings from the LastPass sponsored IDC report titled: The value of identity in the digital environment

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