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Engaging webinars are more important than ever. For webinar producers, this raises the bar for cutting through the noise, getting attention, and creating an experience.   The good news: learning to transform the best of in-person “connectedness” for online presentations isn’t hard, it’s just different.

Join Roger Courville, CSP, author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook, for a lively session that addresses
  • 3 ideas you can teach any presenter to help them improve engagement
  • How to avoid the two biggest mistakes webinar producers make
  • 3 steps to use to adapt in-person engagement for virtual classes and presentations
  • The single most important thing to address in a rehearsal
  • How “designing for data” can turn webinars into intelligence-gathering opportunities
  • 2 awesome features that usually get overlooked
About the Speakers

Roger Courville, CSP, Author of "The Virtual Presenter's Playbook"

Roger Courville, CSP has been called “The Michael Jordan of Virtual Presentations & Classes.” He’s an award-winning speaker and author who brings evidence-based tactics to transforming boring webinars. His work includes working with organizations as diverse as Pfizer, FedEx, Australia Institute of Training and Development, American Management Association, US Bank and, of course, GoToWebinar. And he loves habaneros.

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