Employees today are more distracted than ever by both their environment and various tools they need to complete their tasks. This can lead to anxiety, burn-out and procrastination impacting employee performance and motivation. In this session facilitated by Matt Cowdroy of Think Productive, we'll uncover practical lessons to boost your productivity, help you get more done, and feel less stressed along the way.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The 9 characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™
  • Ways to beat procrastination, reduce distractions, and stay focused
  • How to reclaim your workday and boost meeting productivity
  • and more...
You’ll leave the session with some practical tools to boost your productivity, reduce your stress and ultimately make things happen in your work and life.  You will also be given an opportunity to access a complimentary 3-month trial of the Productivity Ninja Academy, including a free digital copy of the book "How to Be a Productivity Ninja".
About the Speakers

Matt Cowdroy

Matt Cowdroy
Productivity Ninja, Facilitator, Speaker and Coach. Think Productive Australia

Sandra Thoms

Sandra Thoms
Enterprise Customer Success Manager, LogMeIn

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