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The world is noisier than ever before. And the challenge is that this noise puts more pressure than ever on presenters to be engaging in newer and better ways.

Join Roger Courville, CSP, and author The Virtual Presenter's Playbook to learn:
  • 3 ways live, online events force you to think differently to succeed
  • A simple three-step process for adapting the best part of in-person engagement to the virtual stage
  • The single biggest “gotcha” nearly every webinar presenter makes
About the Speakers

Roger Courville, CSP

Like you, webinar expert and business consultant Roger Courville has seen the world of human connection change in numerous ways over the years. Is it charisma? The right technology? Being a killer copywriter? Or is there a different story? With over two decades in the virtual presentations business as speaker, trainer and author, his view is radically different. Roger appreciates – and shares with audiences – that delivering engaging webinar conversations is a learned skill that may have little to do with in-person presentations. Roger continues to work with the best and brightest teams to transform educational presentations into influential results.

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